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Sabotage Cycling makes apparel that wears like you ride. You slave too hard during the day to settle for sub-standard quality and conformist style on the bike. From the no-Garmin spin to the weekend stage race, Sabotage's top notch materials and construction will deliver your dreams up on a lycra platter. So when you clock out and clip in, Sabotage has you covered. Shop the collection here


In the 15th century, Dutch workers feared that newly invented automatic textile looms would make their work obsolete, so they threw their wooden shoes, called sabots, into the gears in the first act of sabotageSabotage cycling is born of that philosophy. In the trough of the 21st century financial crisis, three recent graduates found themselves wrenching at a local bike shop - victims of “economic progress”. They worked the shop, raced on a budget, and rode to recovery. Those times are passed but deep down we still miss the liberation of revolt. Most days all we really want is to put our shoes to the gears like those Dutch laborers of old and do something unexpected on the bike. Get out. Get liberated. Sabotage Cycling.